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The Frequently Happening Faults of Disc Feeder

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Author: admin      Time: 05-18-2015  

In the use of disc feeder, it is apt to happen two problems: flake type fragmentation of the transmission gear and spillage in the contact site between the storage bin and the disc. Next, Hongxing Machinery will introduce from the two aspects.

1. Flake type fragmentation of the transmission gear.

When this problem happened at the very start, we thought it might be caused by the abnormal wear to the gear teeth because of incorrect installation of equipment which can lead to poor meshing. So in multiple inspections we have carefully adjusted and properly modified the installation accuracy. But such kinds of failures are still exist. Although the frequency has diminished, gear peeling off still occur in the monthly inspection. We also considered the gear manufacturing technology as a factor. Thus we also optimized and improved the manufacturing process and strengthened the strength and hardness of the gear, but the fault still happens as before.

After ruling out the above factors, on the scene we found that the disc feeder’s storage bin is loaded by 20 t crane grab. And after material grabbed, the crane grab will sink, which is bound to cause instantaneous high load impact on the disc and make the big and small bevel gears constantly collide, causing strong vibration. The sharp change on the gear contact stress directly result in gear fatigue and damage, which should be the root cause of the frequent occurrence of gear fracture. Moreover, the transmission system is fixed open, causing the dust easily adhering to the lubricating oil and entering into the gear mesh surface, which increases the wear to the gear and finally results in gear peeling off and breaking.

2. Spillage in the contact site between the storage bin and the disc.

We found on the scene that the unreasonable combination between the storage bin and the disc sealed with rubber belt leads to frequent material leaking in the production process, polluting the environment and increasing the clean-up.

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