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How to Improve the Efficiency of the Old-Type Concentrator?

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Author: admin      Time: 05-29-2015  

1. Heighten the subsider ledge

The subsider’s production capacity has nothing to do with the ledge height, but mainly depends on the settling velocity and settling area of the cell body. In fact, during the settling course, the settling velocity of the solid particles in the subsider gradually declines with the increase of the pulp density. If the ledge is too shallow, it is difficult to control the concentration effect. So under the condition of a certain clarity, we can properly increase the ledge height and change the 5-layer subsider into 3-layer.


2. Improve the flow control method

The earliest concentrators mostly adopt a built-in overflow groove which has a large distance with the cell roof and is covered by a plank, so the operator cannot observe the overflow situation. After a long time of accumulation, it will make the overflow groove submerged. We can change the liquid-out control valve of the old-type concentrator into liquid-in control valve, to control the concentration capacity and concentration effect by the liquid-in control valve, which can ensure the supernatant liquor timely drained and the overflow groove not submerged.

3. Alter the scraping arm structure

The old concentartor generally used two pairs of long and short scraping arms in H shape, fixed in cross, with the scraper blades on the scraping arms intersecting with each other. In the slag-scraping process, due to the high resistance, the movement of the slag is very small. It’s better to change the long and short scraping arms into a pair of symmetric truss arms, with the section of the truss as a triangular, and the height of the scraping board should be determined according to the slag quantity. This design is of light weight, good stability, excellent flexural performance and small operating resistance, ensuring a continuous scraping.

4. Improve the screening method

The structure of the old concentrator is unreasonable and it is easy to make the sediment on the bottom overmuch and difficult to scrape off. We solve this problem through the automatic screening device. By installing a set of automatic screening device at the bottom of the concentrator, it can adjust the slag discharging system by itself according to the requirements of the production process.

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