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How to Maintain the Rollers of Roller Crusher?

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Author: admin      Time: 03-09-2014  

As is known to all, such infrastructure as house building and road construction cannot go without sand aggregate whose quality indirectly influences people’s life. The bullet train accident happened in Wenzhou on July 23, 2011 was firmly believed to be a liability accident caused by such factors as design defects, lax check and ineffective emergency disposal, and this accident caused forty death and two hundred injuries. This rang the alarm bells that product quality is paramount.

Relying on advanced technology, powerful economic strength and perfect management system, Hongxing Machinery can provide reliable and effective guarantee for product quality and strictly inspect every procedure. Our company frequently revisits customers to learn the using condition of the product and sends professionals to explain the maintenance and repair skills of product. Take roller crusher as an example, it is widely used in stone production line. After a long time of using, the rollers of roller crusher are easily abraded, and they will change from original cylinder shape to spill, so that some large mud lumps will directly go into the machine through the abraded notch without being crushed, for this reason, it is necessary to regularly maintain the grinding rollers. As for the maintenance of rollers, Hongxing Machinery summarized three methods.

1. Local machining method

Operational approach: On the machine frame of the crusher machine, install an appropriative knife rest whose movement track should be parallel with the axis of the roller. When repairing it, start the crushing machine, cut the roller with manual operation feed device. The following points should be paid attention to:

(1) The moving trajectory of the knife rest should be parallel with the axis of the roller to avoid taper after cutting and influencing the crushing effect.

(2) Control the movement speed of the roller. The linear speed of the roller surface should not exceed the allowable cutting speed of the cutter; otherwise, it is necessary to take measures to reduce the speed to avoid damage to the knife.

(3) When machining is not proper for high-hard roller, customers can adopt abrasive machining with grinding head.

2. Local surfacing method

Operational approach: Weld and fill at the worn notch. This method is simple and useful and will not influence the normal production, and the hardness and abrasive resistance of the surfacing position are excellent. However, this method is only suitable for rollers with good weldability, such as cast roller. The following items should be paid attention to when surfacing.

(1) The surfacing strip should be proper and it is suitable to choose surfacing 256 and 266.

(2) Surfacing strip with small diameter can be chosen to reduce thermal stress, thus avoiding serious transformation and crack production.

(3) In the surfacing process, check the surfacing position with ruler sample plate to maintain qualified dimension.

(4) The bonding of the electric welding machine should be put on the roller, but not on the shaft, to prevent current from going through the antifriction bearing to produce spark and burn the rolling element of the bearing and the surface of the rollaway nest.

3. Disassembled repairing method

Operational approach: disassembly roller connecting shaft and install onto the machine for use after turning repair. This method is not usually used.

If you want to know more about the maintenance skills of double roll crusher, please contact us.

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