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The Installation and Operation Method of Spiral Classifier

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Author: admin      Time: 06-26-2014  

spiral classifier

Hongxing Machinery is a professional spiral classifier manufacturer, and what are installation and operation methods of spiral classifier? Here Hongxing experts will introduce some knowledge to you:

1. Installation: the spiral classifier can be installed after being checked and no damage or loose phenomenon of bolts exists. The spiral classifier should be tightly fixed on the basis of cast concrete. The basis should have a good foundation and reduce its shear force to bolts as much as possible.

2. The operators can handle this machine only after knowing its structure and working principle very well.

(1) The ore pulp can be put in spiral classifier and its quantity can be increased gradually after the spiral body rotates.

(2) During the working of spiral classifier, we should stop the machine if something special happen like being stuck or overload. We should lift the spiral body out of pulp and open the ore valve as soon as possible to avoid stagnation.

(3) The spiral body should be lowered to a certain degree when being started again before rotating it.

(4) If the spiral classifier needs to stop during production, we should stop feeding first. We can stop it only after the materials have been classified already, and there are no materials in it.

The Solution of Common Problems during Classifier's Working

The spiral classifier will encounter all kinds of problems during production and influence productivity. Here we will introduce some:

1. Broken shaft: it is because that the circulating load is not stable and shaft materials are not qualified, incorrectly installed or bent. It can be solved by welding or shaft replacement.

2. Idling of gear during lowering: it is because the sand setting is too serious and can be solved by digging sand.

3. Vibration of lifting rod: it may be due to the bending of shaft head or sand entering into low shaft head. Cleaning it can solve this problem.

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