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What are the Influence Factors of Dry Magnetic Separation Machine?

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Author: admin      Time: 10-11-2014  

Magnetic Separator

Magnetic separator is suitable for separating magnetic minerals with less than3mm particle size. It can be divided into dry type and wet type magnetic separators, which also can be used for the iron removal of coal, non-metallic minerals, building materials and other materials. Dry magnetic separator can effectively reduce production costs for enterprises, reduce energy consumption and maximize the economic benefits of ore dressing plants. What are the factors that influence the dry magnetic separation machine? During the following passage, the professional and technical personnel of our company will give a detailed introduction for you:

1. The thickness of feeding layer. It is related with the treatment of raw material grain size and magnetic particle content. The processing of coarse particles is generally than the fine particle. The treatment of coarse particle grade ore thickness is about 1.5 times the maximum particle, and about 4 times the processing particle grade to the biggest particles. For fine material, it has reached 10 the particle thickness. The content of magnetic substance in raw material is not high with thinner seam. If too thick at the lower magnetic particles by the material of the upper layer pressure, the magnetic suction up caused by recovery rate will be decreased. High magnetic particle content can give some thick seam.

2. The strength of the magnetic field and the work gap. The magnetic level and requirements of treated materials are closely related. Normally, we would provide the magnetic lift production equipment, and it also can be based on the magnetic field strength of ore material laboratory analysis.

3. Feeding rate. Feeding rate is based on the vibration feeding device (or belt) to determine the speed of feeding. Mechanical force speed is decided by mineral particles remain in the magnetic income. If the speed is high, the mineral particle in the magnetic field in the residence time is shorter, and the mechanical force ore particles are mainly received gravity and inertia force. Therefore, the separating of weak magnetic minerals should be used below the strong magnetic mineral feed speed. For the general selection and monomer particles, if the magnetic force is strong, the feeding rate can be increased. In order to improve the recovery rate of ore, its feeding rate should be lower, and the processing fine particles can facilitate the loose ore particles. The small amplitude frequency should be high, and the processing of coarse grain is on the contrary.

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