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The Analysis and Maintenance of the Feeder Noise in Sand Production Line

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Author: admin      Time: 05-05-2015  

Electromagnetic vibrating feeder operates through electromagnetic vibrations, so its joints are prone to loose and make noise. It will cause some damages to the spare parts without timely repair. In order to keep the vibrating feeder working stably and reliably, we must check its performance regularly. Especially for the new feeder, its feeding amount is controlled by amplitude size and vibrates constantly at a frequency of 3000 times / min. The excitation coils of the electromagnetic vibrating feeder are often burnt out, without effective solutions. In fact, the frequent burnout of excitation coil has a great relationship with assembly and adjustment.

(1) If one of the electromagnetic vibrating feeder coils is burnt or totally burned, when repairing, we should replace the entire vibrating head, and then dismantle the burnt coil. It is not advisable to only dismantle the armature, springs, and leave the electromagnet, cast iron shell connecting to the tank, which will cause inconvenience to the installation and adjustment.

(2) After removing the springs, place them according to the original order, because the fixed spring and adjusting spring are different in both elastic force and height, which is difficult for common maintainers to find. Only placing on the flat ground, can we see their difference in height.

(3) Check the electromagnet and armature. If there is no abnormal phenomena, put on the new coil and tighten and level it with wood or other insulating strips, then cement it with epoxy resin, and finally dry it. In order not to affect the equipment operation, the electromagnetic vibrating feeder should have at least one magnet back of the same type.

(4) Assembly sequence: hold up the cast iron shell- install and fasten the electromagnet- fit on the two springs last removed - put on the armature- mount the firs two springs first removed- put on the spring cover and tighten the nuts- adjust the gap to specified range- connect the tank. Then boot to test the current value.

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