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Slag Mill Slag Mill

Slag mill is the crucial equipment used for grinding the slag again after it is pre-crushed. It is mainly used in the superfine slag powder production industry and cement powder gr... Bookmark and Share

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Slag mill is the crucial equipment used for grinding the slag again after it is pre-crushed. It is mainly used in the superfine slag powder production industry and cement powder grinding station. Through the long time of exploration and summary in the design and production process, our company has formed series of slag mill products with different specifications and various types that can satisfy different crushing requirements.

Slag Mill


1. It adopts cone roll and planar grinding disc, so that it has simple structure, low abrasion, long service life of the quick-wear parts and is easy to install, adjust and maintain.

2. The grinding roll has the functions of automatic lifting, pressing and overturning, so that it is easy to realize empty-load start and it has strong adaptability to iron, wood and stone, and what is more, it is convenient to overhaul and change.

3. The bearing of the grinding roll adopts thin oil centralization lubrication and pneumatic seal, which fully ensures the good working state and long service life of the bearing.

4. The roll shell of the grinding roll and the lining board of the grinding disc are made of cast steel base materials, and the surface is overlaid with wear-resistant materials with long service life.

5. The specially designed position-limit mechanism can make sure there is no rigid contact between the grinding roll and the grinding disc, which reduces the vibration and abrasion.

6. It adopts new generation of highly efficient cage-type powder concentrator with frequency control, which fully ensures the fineness of the final products.

7. High-degree of modular design fully realizes the interchangeability of the spare parts and the expandability of the whole machine, reduces the inventories and the number of the spare parts and the production cost and improves the maintenance efficiency.

8. As for compression, it adopts elastic hydraulic system with stable force, small vibration and low noises.


The motor drives the grinding disc to rotate with constant speed through the reducer, and the materials go through the central chute by the double feeding flap valve and fall to the center of the grinding disc. Under the eccentric force, the materials are thrown to the edge of the grinding disc and ground by the squeezing, cutting and impacting force of the grinding roll. The crushed materials are spilled out from the edge of the grinding disc, and part of the materials are brought by the hot airflow rising upward with high speed from the air deflector and dried, and the medium and fine particles will be brought by the airflow into the highly efficient powder concentrator, and medium-sized particles are returned to the grinding disc for grinding and the fine powders will go outside the mill from the upper side with the airflow, and be gathered by the dust catcher to become final products. The coarse particles that are not brought by the airflow will be lifted by the bucket elevator with external circulation and after deironing, they are re-fed into the mill to be squeezed and ground.

Technical Data
Speed(r/min) Feeding Size(mm) Capacity(t/h) Griding Media
Main Motor
Main Reducer Weight
Ф1.83×7.0 23.8 <20 3~5 22 245 ZD60 43.5
Ф1.83×9.5 24.1 <20 5~7 31 355 ZD70 56
Ф2.2×9.5 21.5 <20 8~10 41 475 ZD70 74
Ф2.2×11 21.5 <20 10~12 50 570 ZD80 109
Ф2.4×11 20.3 <20 12~14 57 630 ZD80 116
Ф2.4×13 20.3 <20 14~16 68 800 MBY710 138
Ф2.6×11 19.7 <20 15~16 69 800 MBY710 138
Ф2.6×13 19.7 <20 16~18 82 1000 MBY800 158
Ф3.0×12 18.2 <20 18~20 100 1250 MBY800 182
Ф3.0×13 18.2 <20 21~23 108 1400 MBY900 190
Ф3.2×13 17.8 <20 25~27 128 1600 MBY1000 230
Ф3.2×14 17.8 <20 28~30 138 1800 MBY1000 249
Ф3.5×13 17.3 <20 32~35 156 2000 JS130-A 275
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