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The Strong Development Momentum of the Crusher Industry

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Author: admin      Time: 04-22-2014  

In order to gain the market share, many manufacturers innovate themselves with advanced technology, driving the crusher industry forward. The expanding of the domestic need and the infrastructure construction accelerates the development of sand materials and the crushing equipment. The crushing equipment industry has a broad market, including chemistry, building construction, water conversion, metallurgy, coal and medicine etc., among which the construction and mining field is the most important, taking up about 1/3 of the whole industry.

In the recent years, the increasing development of the building construction pushes the machinery equipment forward greatly, as well as the crusher industry. The '12th five-year plan' has made it a role to comprehensively utilize the industrial solid waste, making its recycling rate as high as 72%. In order to achieve the goal, the pilot project in regions has been the focus of the work to steadily promote the comprehensive utilization of the industrial solid waste. The investment to the solid waste treatment industry is nearly 800 billion Yuan. We can't imagine the crusher industry's market prospect.

The expert predicts that the demand for the building construction materials will continue to increase in the future five years. The cement industry, as an already saturated energy-intensive industry, will be eliminated by the society. So if it wants a prosper future, the crusher industry must innovate itself with new technology and new method. In addition, it is also worth our attention that the crusher industry in our country is in a dangerous period of trade friction. In the case of the current trade export growth, keep sober and rational understanding of the situation, avoiding the anti-dumping launched by other countries. Today, the high-end products and some components still need to import from the advanced countries, limiting the development of the crushing equipment at home. So the focus of the future development should be in the basic technology and basic components product research.

According to the study, the crusher industry in our country has a glorious future, although the comprehensive competitiveness is still not equal with the advanced countries. Accordingly, our products are cheap and appeal to the Southeast Asia and African countries, which develop very quickly in the recent years. Especially the African countries quicken their pace to mining exploration and infrastructure construction.

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