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Energy-Saving Ball Mill Is Turning Green

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Author: admin      Time: 04-16-2014  

ball mill

Nowadays the mining machinery equipment is developing rapidly, and the energy-saving ball milling equipment, crushing equipment and ore-dressing equipment have supported the social economy. To improve the ball mill productivity and meet the market's demand, the advanced new-type energy-saving ball mill produced by Hongxing Company is turning the mining machinery equipment to be environmentally friendly.

The invention of the energy-saving ball mill provides more development space for the mining machinery industry. Its concept is to reduce the energy consumption, and bring the customers high-efficiency and low-consumption ball mill. In addition, the problem brought by over-vibrating which is mainly caused by the inadequate basic intensity and stiffness is dealt well. Originally, it is because the open system is turned into the closed loop system directly, ignoring the basis of the ball mill and causing the vibrating of the ball mill body. As to this problem, we can solve it by strengthening the basis of the ball mill. The energy-saving ball mill adopts the structure of large and small wind turbines, which would be out of shape after a period of time. The big wind turbine has a large swing diameter, which makes it have a strong centrifugal force and cause the vibrating if a slight imbalance happens. The solution could be to regulate the large and small wind turbines. If there seems no obvious effect, we can add weight to the large wind turbine. Of course the place and the concrete weight you add may accord to the specific situation.

High applicability, flexible matching, low consumption and high yield are all the features of the energy-saving ball mill. Hongxing Company develops and produces products from an environmental friendly view, innovates the mining machinery in a more energy-saving direction and provides more green value to the customers.

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